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Environmental issues arise in a variety of cases. We look at your individual issues and concerns to develop a strategic plan to meet your needs.

  • Environmental Planning an Problem Solving: State and Federal environmental laws affect everyone, individuals and businesses. A part of protecting your own property rights, we will help you to solve your problems, creatively finding options for environmental planning and solutions. Working with regulatory government agencies, we participate in negotiations with you.

  • Environmental Litigation: When personal interaction and problem-solving options require more than negotiation, we can protect your rights through litigation, in both State and Federal courts.

  • Agriculture: Environmental issues affect in a wide range of farming scenarios. We c an provide you with guidance to approach regulators and prevent problems with such government agencies as Environmental Protection Agencies, Water Quality Control Board and the Department of Toxic Substances and Control.

  • Ground Water Contamination: Much of environmental compliance involves the condition and maintenance of ground water. Governed by contamination statutes, we work with our clients to pursue efficient and profitable land use while avoiding the imposition of fines.

  • Soil Contamination: Just as ground water is impacted by contamination, so too is soil. Whether new or inherited contamination, soil cleanup can be costly, for construction projects, farm operations and various land uses. Soil Contamination regulations can be complex. Together we help you navigate the legal issues.

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